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Characters I play: Flynn Scifo, Damon Salvatore and Sora.
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[ Continuations and new threads for Flynn and Damon. ]
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[ This is your post for mistletoe antics involving either Damon Salvatore or Flynn Scifo. THIS IS OPEN TO ANYONE, but I might be slow due to life and that means all the posts will get full before I notice.

Spock is also available if . . . you want . . . ]
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[ Continuations for . . .

Current CFUD: Spock, Flynn Scifo, Damon Salvatore, Ilana Lunis and 009 (Joe Shimamura).

Past CFUD: Serph, Otani Atsushi and Maguri.

Aather: Kaworu Nagisa, Sasuke Uchiha and Kite.

JUST TAG THIS POST AND I'LL TOUCH YOU. IT'S OPEN FOREVER! Also bear with me, I have no internet at home so I'm threading during work/classes. ]
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[ There is . . . something unusual just outside the Vesperia cabin.

Waiting. :T ]
Shinobu is going home for ONE DAY to get updated to end of canon with Tokage!

Spock is also going back to the Enterprise for ONE DAY. He's likely to check on everything, break up with Uhura (I assume she's at least going to kick him hard) and then see what Kirk's up to. I DON'T KNOW, WE NEED TO PLAN THIS.

And Flynn is going home for ONE DAY too. He's going to check on the Knights and Master Ioder, BECAUSE HE'S BEEN OFF DUTIES LONG ENOUGH. I'm also assuming the Vesperia party is maybe kidnaping him at some point for beach adventures. He's probably not getting laid unless he's topped hard or he tops Yuri, who knows.

Himeno, Damon and Kahlan haven't been here long enough.
[ There's a young man lying on his back on the floor somewhere in the middle of a corn field. It looks like he took a couple of spiked candles off his arms, but there's more on his chest and legs. He's still breathing. ]

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Hiatus for a few days until I get my computer back! It's possible I might come back tomorrow if what's wrong with my computer is less serious than I thought, but it's hard to know and it might take longer if it ends up being expensive because I don't have any money right now.

I'm sorry, but I'll definitely pick up threads once I get back. I play Shinobu, Spock, Flynn, Annie, Himeno and Samwise.


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[a few hours after this happened! there's someone still unconscious on his bed]

OKAY. Exams start today for me! I've been so busy the past week that I barely have time to reply to stuff before I need to go do several things at once.

So I'm taking a hiatus for two weeks! Please pretend Shinobu, Spock, Flynn, Annie, Himeno, and Samwise are around doing their own thing. Also, feel free to contact me at aurynluna (gmail) if you need any of mine out anywhere, just be aware that I'll be slow. Or tell Yuri to let me know, either works.

This last week was crazy and I owe replies to several people, I'll get to them slowly. I'm so sorry. :(

Because Yuri and I will take from things from the movie, I'm going to be clear about what I'm going to . . . PRETEND IT NEVER HAPPENED.

Spoilers for the Vesperia movie )
Going on a school trip tomorrow morning to visit Maya ruins for four days. Which means it'll be impossible to reach me (no internet + no cellphone). I'll be back by Saturday night, but considering mindterms start in the middle of April and stuff, I don't think I'll be around much anyway.

I'll pick up threads when I get back. Until then, assume Serph, Otani, Shinobu, Dio, Spock, Flynn and Annie are doing their own thing?

Take care, everyone! With enough luck I won't get lost in the middle of nowhere.
Because I've been meaning to do one for a few months.

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Because I should've done this ages ago, now I won't lose them as often.

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Name: Flynn Scifo
Age: 21 years old
Blood type: Unknown
Height: 180 cm
Weight: Normal
Medical Info: Healthy
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Blond
Physical traits: Wears the Imperial Knight's uniform at all times, probably. Unless he's sleeping or . . . something like that.

What's Okay To Mention Around Him: Anything should be fine. However the only thing I would like to avoid is everything concerning Sodia's spoilers.

Abilities: Flynn is a very skilled swordman and the technology of bodhi blastia allows him to use Artes and makes him stronger.

Notes for the Psychics: JUSTICE, PEACE, Yuri, Lady Estellise and Master Ioder are the most recurring themes for him.

Can I shapeshift/bodyswap/spit at/step on/etc?: Ask first/Ask first/Yes, but he might lecture you/Yes, but he might not like itt/Ask first?

Maim/Murder/Death: Talk to me first.

Kissing/Hugging: Flynn fails, but sure!

Cooking: . . . ONLY IF YOU WANT TO DIE. He's probably worse than Raine.

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Dec. 13th, 2009 12:55 am
Character: Flynn Scifo
Series: Tales of Vesperia
Character Age: 21
Canon: Terca Lumireis is a land infested with monsters, making barriers a necessity in order to ensure the safety of the people. Unfortunately, while the Imperial Knights function as the second keepers of peace of the Empire, they are more focused on the nobles and their own agendas than caring about the less fortunate. That is where our hero Yuri Lowell comes in, to save the world, and while he's doing this, there is someone within the knights ready to make a difference.

That person is Flynn Scifo, a commoner who joined the knights, and gained the title of Commandant through his hard work. Brave, stubborn, and kind-hearted, Flynn is very polite, calm and respectful of others at all times. Despite this, he's ready to lecture people at the drop of a hat without even realizing it. While Flynn has a strong sense of justice, he chooses to stick to the law no matter what, since he prefers to work toward changing any unfair laws rather than breaking them. However, he always helps those in need to the point of becoming reckless in their behalf.

Sample Post:

Good morning, citizens of Camp Fuck You Die. My name is Flynn Scifo, Commandant of the Imperial Knights, and I'm here after being asked for assistance by your humble Director. Miss Sayre has filled me in about camp's rules and its purpose, but she was concerned about maintaining its order and to ensure peace. In order to achieve that, she has requested me to train her knights and bust their morale. That is where you all come into play.

As a knight, it's imperative to be always on top of everything. It's not just about courage, following orders or looking after the fulfillment of the law, but to understand the people and to ensure their happiness. When they are aware of their concerns and problems, it is only then that a knight becomes one. That's why I've taken the liberty to gather all the information I could possibly need of its citizens, of everything you might need to fulfil your job properly. I will begin with one of my biggest concerns: I was informed that some of the campers, and even counselors, have showed an undeniable displeasure towards the barrier. Regardless of how surprising that is, it is necessary to make public its importance and why it is needed. Yes, attempting to damage it will only result on becoming an animal or something else, however that's only a precaution to prevent everyone from getting hurt. After all, not only is this barrier is powerful, there are strong monsters roaming outside as well. Those are completely different from those inside the barrier, I assure you. Because the monsters within the barrier are friendly by comparison, like every one of you, that aim to protect the people instead of hurting them. Besides, it's that barrier that's keeping evil dictators outside, and make it clear she is thinking of the citizens' security.

But people's displeasure doesn't end there. Which is worrying because Miss Sayre does nothing more than caring about her citizens, so it'd be beneficial for them to be aware of her noble work. I'm sure it's been just a matter of misinformation that can be easily fixed, so be sure to listen up. The gorillas have been especially trained to wake people up in the morning, allowing them to enjoy an early start every day. That could be see as something negative, however discipline is always important. She also provides food for the less able on Tuesday, offering an alternative for those people that need it. And if I might add, I assume your group gets a lot of benefits from this. Finally, the ban on sugar is a good prevention, since sugar can rot teeth. Now we only have the no-sex rule left. That one is self-explanatory, isn't it? Preventing people from having sex brings several advantages I don't feel necessary to mention, but it only reinforces my stance concerning Miss Sayre. And if they break that rule, those would get the option to . . . get in touch with nature. It'd even be educational, since that's a one life opportunity.

Fellow knights, now I urge you all to understand what it is you will be upholding and protecting. Because that's what being a knight is all about.

(( 77.4% with 41/12. ))
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